AVCO’s success springs from its expertise in developing the ‘3 Rights’ of the industry: The Right Partnership, The Right Consultant and The Right Management

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

The Right Partner

We begin by developing Partnerships with corporations that are the Right fit for our  business model. As your consulting Partner, Avco’s reliable business model ensures you have access to software and IT /Pharma experts, and a scalable labor force.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

The Right Consultant

We then select the Right IT/Pharma Consultant to work on our client’s project. Our Consultants are domain software experts who have advanced university computer science & pharma education and industry experience. They have also undergone in-depth screening and training to assess and refine  interpersonal skills. 


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

The Right Management

Your project’s success develops from the Right Management for the work. Avco’s Management system uses an IT/Pharma project- specific process to manage the team workload, and the interface between Avco employees and your own staff.