IT Project Consultants 

Maintaining a skilled IT department is one of the most critical and costly components of an organization. Ensuring availability of necessary technical, and niche skills, for critical short-term projects, can mean having costly resources sit idle during periods of low demand. In addition, building the necessary expertise internally can be both difficult and costly. Avco’s project consultants offer an effective, highly flexible solution to help meet those challenges. 

Support For: 

  • Project Management
  • Application Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • System Integration
  • Quality Assurance


Offshore staff augmentation through Avco delivers significant value to our clients, including:

  • Cost Reduction – Provides clients with a mechanism to temporarily augment their resource base without exceeding their budget.
  • Skills – With extensive in-house expertise across technical and functional areas, and a full-time in-house recruiting team, we can supply expertise in virtually any application, product, or function to meet client needs.
  • Flexibility – Our resources can be available during the client’s work day or after-hours as required. Additionally, the team size can flex up or down depending on immediate needs, ensuring the client is never without resources, or left overstaffed 


Our delivery model is built around leveraging iterative methodologies and well-defined waterfall development lifecycles (SDLCs), depending on specific engagement requirements and existing client processes. 

Delivery locations typically include a combination of deployed resources:

  • Offshore in our India offices
  • Onsite in client office or project site

Contractor Services Focus Areas

Risk Management – OpenPages 

We specialize in the automation process, which includes identifying, analyzing and managing operational risk and enabling businesses to integrate risk data into a single environment. We incorporate several approaches to help improve visibility into risk exposure, reduce loss, and improve business performance. We have vast experience working with OpenPages and Operational Risk Management to embed practices into the corporate culture, making procedures more effective and efficient. We have proven expertise in Risk Indicator Tracking, Single Data Repository, Business Intelligence and Decision Support, Loss Event Tracking and Scenario Analysis. 


  • Project Planning
  • Efficient Implementation
  • System Testing
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Business Value 

  • Process Efficiencies
  • Lower Cost
  • Maintain and support Guidewire effectively

Enterprise Resource Planning

As a business that strives to keep a sharp focus on our clients' core business activities, we help minimize the cost of ownership of their information assets by adopting standard, packaged applications suites that are tailor-made for each business processes. Adopting packaged solutions brings a number of benefits, including new upgrades and innovations in software from product vendors. We offer a variety of services and solutions to configure and customize packaged software systems, develop decision support applications that harness business information, and provide web services to business users both within and outside clients' enterprise.


  • Package Implementation, Support and Maintenance Services 
  • Enterprise Product Development Services
  • Enterprise Applications Integration Services 

Business Value

  • Provide consultants who know how to tackle a myriad of issues
  • An integrated system that operates in real time, or near real-time, without relying on periodic updates
  • A common database, which supports all applications
  • A consistent look and feel throughout each module, giving your company cohesiveness

Business Process Management

Organizational structures are changing rapidly due to many reasons in the business arena, such as buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, and organizational and technology changes. In this environment, there is a need to develop and execute strategies that not only take into consideration business transactions, but also the business processes. Avco's BPM focus helps clients achieve superior results by abstracting business processes and optimizing them. 


  • Define client's BPM strategy
  • Create a BPM roadmap
  • Perform process assessments and identify optimization opportunities
  • Define inward facing and outward facing success metrics

Business Value

  • Process visibility
  • Process ownership
  • Strategic alignment
  • Performance metrics
  • Organizational change management

Business Intelligence

We realize that clients' custom applications are information assets that they will own for the long term, with minimal ownership cost. With this in mind, we take care in designing and implementing software that is robust, reusable, easily extensible, and free of defects upon deployment. We also emphasize adopting industry standard protocols and practices, so that custom applications are adaptable to changes and innovations in new technology. Our service offerings in Business Intelligence include decision support tools and applications for routine business operations, real time monitoring of business processes, statistical data analysis, historical business performance analysis, and business process reengineering business strategy. 


  • Avco's Business Intelligence (BI) solutions allow clients to transform data into knowledge for quick and effective decision making
  • Focus is on providing immediate business value, long-term sustainability and enterprise-class scalability
  • Designing, developing, implementing and integrating a secure and scalable BI solutions

Business Value

  • Offer support of consultants 
  • Volume management and information variety 
  • Data platform creation to leverage large data  
  • To derive timely insight while preserving investments

Quality Assurance

Whether a company develops applications in-house or through an outsourcing partner, low-quality results almost always equate to costly project overruns. This is particularly true in the case of undetected errors, which prolong the development cycle and cause costly delays in the release of critical business-enabling applications. Many companies are also challenged with implementing sufficient automated testing practices, which result in lengthy manual test cycles, and applications with insufficient production load capacity.


Avco addresses these challenges with comprehensive quality assurance services, regardless of whether development was done in-house, by a 3rd party, or through our application development services. Our testing knowledge and experience spans all disciplines including:

  • Manual Testing – Following test plans and scripts to check software for defects
  • Automated Testing – Configuring and utilizing tools to perform testing steps
  • Performance Testing – Simulating production loads to ensure readiness
  • Security and Privacy Testing – Penetration testing and security auditing
  • Test Planning and Scripting – Design and creation of test plans, cases, and scripts

Business Value

  • Reliable system operations
  • Lower cost for systems maintenanc